Practical, elegant wine storage

Like a bottle of Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Montrachet 1986 it’s rare for buildings of the last 100 years to incorporate a wine cellar, yet for many people fine wine is a passion. Storing a collection therefore can be problematical which is why Langstaff-Ellis create bespoke wine rooms, unique to each building and every collection.

Our wine rooms are as beautiful as they are practical incorporating luxurious cabinetry to showcase the finest wines from around the world.

We know that wine needs to be kept under just the right conditions, temperature, humidity, light and movement (or lack of it) are all crucial to ensure a collection of fine wine is in optimum condition to enjoy when the time comes to pull the cork or unscrew the cap.

There are few things in a connoisseur’s life more disappointing than to take the first sip of a treasured vintage only to find the wine is tainted or off. Which is why we create rooms that allow your wines to mature gracefully ready for enjoyment at just the right moment.

Equally we know that you will have wines for everyday drinking that need to be easily accessible from convenient racking or refrigeration. Our gorgeous designs show off the bottles in an elegant fashion while adding discrete storage for ancillary items.

There is something charming about a dedicated wine room, whether you wish to store wines that are ready to drink or a collection as an investment, a bespoke wine room is the perfect environment to indulge your passion.

Langstaff-Ellis Luxury Dining Furniture including cocktail cabinet and bespoke wine storage Buckinghamshire

Hand made drinks cabinets

Having all the tools ready to hand to mix a cocktail, pour a beer or uncork a favourite wine can be made so much easier by using a bespoke drinks cabinet.

Whether discreet or flamboyant, bespoke drinks cabinets are a great focal point for any dinner party or as part of a dedicated bar setup.

Designed especially for your space Langstaff-Ellis create drinks cabinets that incorporate everything you need including refrigeration, lighting and storage.

Beautiful homes deserve beautiful pieces of furniture; our individually designed bespoke pieces are designed especially to enhance every home they are created for.

Langstaff-Ellis Luxury Bespoke Drinks Cabinet and bespoke wine storage Buckinghamshire

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