You don’t have to have one of our kitchens to enjoy our high-quality cabinetry. Our flexibility in design means we offer our clients beautiful, functional utility rooms, which are often at a lower price point to our kitchens, after all the utility room is just that, utilitarian!

Utility rooms can seem like neglected spaces or an afterthought to the kitchen. It’s the room that is often the last to be redecorated or improved, yet paradoxically it’s a room many of us spend a lot of time in.

Especially if you have children, washing, drying and are almost constant factors so it’s worth performing these tasks in a space that you enjoy being in.

You may also need to consider extra storage for cleaning materials, vacuum cleaner, coats, shoes or even additional freezer and larder space, all within a room that contains washing and drying machines, where ventilation is important.

Langstaff-Ellis Luxury Laundry Room Cabinet Detail

Although function overrules fashion in a utility room, our designers are experts in creating stunning furniture that suits all budgets. We often hear how much our clients appreciate having a utility room that is well designed, with real consideration to how it is going to be used.

Putting effort in the right places, our utility rooms are built to last a lifetime and to the same quality standards as our kitchens.

Langstaff-Ellis bespoke utility rooms combine beautifully crafted furniture with the practical elements every utility room needs. We’ll think about socket, drainage and ventilation requirements and plan in integral appliances, basins and taps.

We’ll consider the best and most practical flooring as well as clever storage solutions for laundry shoots, dog beds, ironing boards and drying racks.

We unlock the potential of every space, utilizing every centimetre of a room to maximise storage possibilities. Tight spaces, angles and difficult spaces are filled with perfectly fitting, practical furniture.

Every Langstaff-Ellis design is unique and tailor made for individual homes and with our bespoke 3D design software we can show you just how the finished room will look before it is signed off ready to be created by our team of craftsmen.

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