Working with your builder

Integrating kitchen and bespoke furniture into building plans

Every new build, renovation or extension is stressful so the last thing clients’ need is extra anxiety when it comes to installing a kitchen or bespoke furniture. Over the years therefore we’ve learned the value of working in partnership with builders and architects to ensure worry free installations.


Planning correctly is key to a successful build and while our furniture is installed as the last piece of the jigsaw, involving us from the beginning enables a quick installation when the time comes. There are a few simple steps:

Arrange a consultation with Langstaff-Ellis once architects plans are finalised
We conduct a detailed planning meeting to enable our designers to translate  thoughts and ideas into fully realised spaces.
Our designer prepare fully realised 3D drawings allowing clients to see exactly how rooms will look once finished.
Once the client approves the design we produce detailed plans for the builder and on-site team.

Site Meeting

In the majority of cases our project manager works directly with the builder, architect and quantity surveyor on-site, the first step being a site meeting.

With the on-site team we work together on technical drawings for:

Plumbing and electrical layout
Position of isolators, switches and sockets
Positioning of gas, water and waste
Flues for extraction ducting

Finally we produce a schedule of work, but because all building projects have unexpected snags we liaise regularly with the on-site team making adjustments to the schedule as required.

Back in our smart factory we feed technical drawings directly into our production software to create precision-engineered cabinets, which are assembled in-house prior to arriving on site.


Once floors are down and walls & ceilings decorated we’re ready to install, and because everything is assembled before it leaves our factory, installation becomes a swift process.

Then to ensure continuity we use the builder’s tradespeople to connect gas, electricity and water supplies.

Quality Control & Sign-Off

That’s not the last stage though; we pride ourselves on the quality of our work so the Langstaff-Ellis project manager conducts a quality control assessment, creating a list of any finishing touches to be completed.

Only when we are happy with every aspect of our work will we have a sign-off meeting with the client. And the most satisfying part is seeing the work of everyone on the project becoming a fully functioning home.

For more information about creating the perfect kitchen for your build please contact Langstaff-Ellis using the details below.