Top Tips for Planning Your Kitchen Appliances

For many of our customers the kitchen is the centre piece to their new home or renovation, they give a lot of thought to the overall design, lighting and colour scheme but often fail to consider the detail such as how the kitchen will be used and which appliances will work best.

We can help with every aspect of kitchen design but to stimulate some ideas these are our top appliance planning tips.


Top of the list for consideration is how your choice of appliances will fit in with the overall design of the kitchen. An AGA range for example will look incongruous within a modern design, while integrated sleek units aren’t necessarily right for a more traditional style. 3D CAD drawings allow you to visualise the finished room, including appliances so make sure your designer can provide them.

  • If you remember one thing: think about how all your appliances work within the overall design of your kitchen

How you use the kitchen  

For some clients the kitchen is rarely used for preparing meals from scratch so the need for large capacity ovens and appliances is minimal. For many though the kitchen is the family hub where large meals are regularly prepared and guests entertained. One of the keys to a successful kitchen is ensuring you have the appropriate appliances for your scale of use.

  • If you remember one thing: consider what your kitchen use will be and plan appliances accordingly


Modern technology and appliances can make your kitchen a much more convenient space with items such as boiling water taps removing the need for a kettle, for example. But you should also think about the smaller appliances such as toasters, coffee machines and mixers – where will they live and where will the sockets be?

  • If you remember one thing: plan the small items as well as the large and think how you can make the kitchen a more convenient working space.

Oven capacity

How large and how many ovens you’ll need is completely down to your cooking style. For many people 2 ovens are an absolute necessity, but for those who rarely cook complete meals one small oven is enough. You’ll also need to think about capacity and whether to have a range, if so what size, or an eye level stack or both.

  • If you remember one thing: ovens are important for cooks, so give plenty of consideration to capacity and how you’ll use them.

Hobs & extraction

Kitchen ranges will have integrated hobs but you do have choices; gas, induction or ceramic. For many, induction hobs present a greener alternative to gas, however all hob cooking needs extraction and this is where hobs such as those made by Bora come into their own with built-in downward facing extraction, removing the need for an unsightly hood.

  • If you remember one thing: extraction doesn’t have to be overhead when combined with the best modern hobs.

Langstaff-Ellis are Bora partners


The size and capacity of fridges, freezers and/or fridge freezers will be dependent on how much cooking you do. We’ve found over the years that clients often underestimate the volume they need in a fridge or freezer so it’s always worth planning extra capacity. Column Refrigeration is the leading technology for beautiful kitchens at the moment, these integrated fridges and freezers from brands such as Sub Zero and Fisher & Paykel are customizable, energy efficient and have large capacities

  • If you remember one thing: plan to go large

Integrated or free standing

We would always recommend integrated appliances in a new kitchen, they are sleeker, space saving and fit in with modern designs. We love the clean lines of integrated systems such as Sub Zero, Gaggenau, Fisher & Paykel and Siemens. However, you may want to make a feature out of an Aga or range cooker creating a focal point for the room.

  • If you remember one thing: consider making one of your appliances into a feature

Wine storage

Modern wine fridges and storage units can be planned into your kitchen making an elegant and convenient feature. They’re not just for whites either, multizone fridges are available from companies such as Eurocave to keep red and white at different temperatures with capacities from as small as two bottles up to 100+.

  • If you remember one thing: no one ever regretted adding a wine fridge!

We plan kitchens all the time and enjoy looking at all aspects of the design, including appliances to make sure our clients end up with a space that exactly matches their needs. Contact us using the details below to find out how we can help provide inspiration and advice for your new kitchen.