The Benefits of State of the Art Machinery

In our business we regularly hear about the benefits of hand-made carpentry. There’s a lot of noise aimed at customers extolling the artistry of traditional craftsmen, and though we’d never argue that the tools and techniques of a bygone era don’t have a place, we’d also argue that there’s room to embrace modern technology to create a better end product.

Sadly too, old-fashioned craft skills tend to arrive with a considerable cost to the customer, because building cabinets from scratch by hand is time consuming, it’s also expensive, and because it’s done by hand it’s not always accurate!

Many cabinetmakers would love to shorten the process, to improve accuracy and efficiency and ensure they can offer a precise cost to customers at the start of a project while still delivering an outstanding job at the end of it.

But that means investment in high end, precision machinery, something that many businesses are unable or unwilling to do.

From the outset at Langstaff-Ellis we realised the best way to align a commitment to outstanding customer service with delivering high quality work was to install the best possible equipment. Over the past few years therefore we have invested heavily in a formidable array of precision German CNC machinery.

For those not in the know CNC is shorthand for Computer Numerical Control, in our case it means the cutting, drilling, edging and finishing machines we use are guided by the CAD drawings created by our designers.

In fact the machinery we use is linked directly to our designers CAD application, meaning they can create a design while simultaneously programming a machine for production.

This process gives us huge flexibility to produce designs that would be too time consuming and costly to make the traditional way while facilitating quick production and quality assurance.

While modern machinery provides cost savings, accuracy and consistency, this is anything but a production line because each project is unique, in fact one of the major benefits is the ease with which bespoke pieces of furniture can be created from scratch.

We haven’t lost touch with our roots however and know the human touch is also vital to creating quality. Our team of cabinetmakers still assemble every piece of furniture by hand using traditional methods, while each piece is checked for quality by hand and eye before leaving the workshop.

Clients, architects and interior designers demand imagination, quality, flexibility and speed from modern furniture makers; our response has been to integrate the best of new precision technologies with the craft of traditional methods.

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