A day in the life of a project manager

All Langstaff-Ellis customers know that we are genuinely passionate about getting every detail of their new furniture absolutely right – in fact we are usually much more demanding than they are, wanting perfection every time.

For our project managers that means keeping an exemplary eye on detail, whether that means measuring and re-measuring spaces, drawing up detailed 3D CAD designs, or supervising intricate project plans, they are never off the case.

Finding time in his day wasn’t easy, but we eventually pinned down Langstaff-Ellis’s Joe Southeard to talk about his role as a project manager.

“When taking on a new project there’s a huge amount of work right from the initial client meeting where we discuss their ideas, all the way to the very final sign-off. The very first thing we do of course is create a highly detailed project plan.

What I love about it though is that no two projects are the same, there’s nothing we produce that’s off the shelf, and so we have to create something unique every time. That’s what excites our designers and I know it keeps us at the top of our game. 

We often work with architects, builders and interior designers providing upfront designs in 2d and 3d to integrate with their projects. For me it’s one of the most interesting parts of the job, taking inspiration from the spaces being created and seeking imaginative designs with other professionals to create something that fulfils everyone’s vision.

It helps that I spend a good deal of time keeping up to speed with the latest design trends and researching the best products, meaning we can specify solutions that really match the needs of the designers and the client.  

Of course a lot of my time is very detail driven, its something we’re very proud of so for example I’ll supervise the manufacture and build of each cupboard, making sure each joint is perfect, that shut-lines are exact and so forth before signing each piece off. As I like to say accuracy equals quality. 

Later in the day I could be onsite for an installation or with a client at a new build. Most importantly I think, as a project manager is that we are a little bit ruthless with the assessment of our own work, so I won’t sign off anything until it’s absolutely perfect, any imperfection is rejected. Only then can I guarantee that our client will be happy.

A lot of my work is spent with clients walking them through every step of the process, getting their approval, making sure they are satisfied at each stage from original outline drawings to final sign-off and hand-over.

For me the fact that no two days are the same is one of the joys of my job, it’s what puts a spring in my step every morning, pushing me to produce great work for everyone of our clients.”

Joe’s passion for his role is just one of the drivers ensuring Langstaff-Ellis create beautiful, precise furniture for every one of the amazing projects they undertake.


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