If the kitchen has always been the heart of the home, the pantry or larder must be the heart of the kitchen.

Traditionally the larder was a cold room used to store meats and food products in order to prolong their life. With the advent of refrigeration, the cold room fell out of favour evolving into the dry larder, a place to store goods such as bread, vegetables and preserves.

Today, most people consider the terms larder and pantry to be interchangeable.

Functional and elegant

Langstaff-Ellis design beautiful practical larders as units within the kitchen or if space allows we can fit out whole rooms. Often the larder is the most interesting, beautifully crafted part of a kitchen with numerous bespoke options.

For example our cold larders often feature a stone counter-top to help keep the cabinet cooler than the ambient room temperature. This space can be ideal for keeping fresh produce cool that doesn’t need to be refrigerated, such as hard cheese and eggs.

Langstaff-Ellis Luxury Cotswold Kitchen Oak detailing

The larder needs to be functional as well as beautiful therefore we take into consideration how our customers intend to use it. For example Integrated chopping boards, bottle holders, spice or wine racks can all be incorporated.

For many it’s about storage, so the number and positioning of shelves, racks and drawers is important.

We consider how every item can be placed within easy access, such as everyday items, maybe jams, cereals or sauces within in eye-line and other goods such as flour or rice on higher shelves or in drawers.

The Kitchen larder can be home to many provisions, but this doesn’t have to stop at food.

Our designers often incorporate microwaves, toasters and other appliances within a larder cabinet, when designed behind a pair of doors these items can be accessed or hidden away in no time at all.

Because each kitchen is different our designers find fresh and innovative solutions every time, developing and building new designs for all our customers. Whether it’s a traditional kitchen or a contemporary build the larders we create at the heart of those spaces are always tailored to look and work beautifully.

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