Stunning Chelsea Home – London

Chelsea, London

This exciting collaboration with luxury interior architects April Hamilton, has created a beautiful interior in a stunning London (Chelsea) townhouse.

Like Langstaff-Ellis, April Hamilton approach every new project with passion, enthusiasm and excitement, which is why we are always thrilled to work with their amazing creative team.

In this example, while April Hamilton reengineered the interior, removing walls and reimagining spaces, the Langstaff-Ellis team designed furniture solutions that perfectly enhance this luxury home.

The full height bookcase was created for the lounge and finished in the same subtle grey as the surrounding walls. As with all of our designs we created a fully rendered 3D design that was in this case signed off by the April Hamilton interiors team prior to the build.

One of the major benefits of the way we work is the ease with which bespoke pieces of furniture can be created from scratch. In this case, the challenge was to conceal a radiator beneath the cabinet without impairing its effectiveness, our solution was to design discreet ventilating louvre doors that look good and blend in as an integral piece of the overall design.

The corresponding cabinet in the roof terrace office and lounge is clearly part of the same family but has been altered to accommodate a built-in desk where the integrated TV previously sat.

Each of the cabinets is enhanced with subtle lighting cleverly fitted within routered grooves within the shelving, and all wiring neatly concealed from view. The lighting picks out the contrasting dark blue back panel of the cabinet, creating a pleasing piece just as April Hamilton envisaged.

A further striking feature are the sliding mirrored doors fitted to replace a wall between the guest bedroom and newly created dressing room.

The challenge most cabinetmakers face is with the weight of the mirror, which creates extra stress on the joinery. Our sophisticated software means that we can test and model the design prior to building the door, including testing all the stresses, knowing the completed piece will work perfectly and will maintain its integrity over time. It also looks stunning especially with the neatly bevelled edge bringing a softer tactile level of detail.

Our collaboration with April Hamilton means that all the joinery in this beautiful London townhouse is finished to an exacting level of detail, creating a home that is both luxurious and comfortable.