Experienced craftsmen

Langstaff-Ellis are proud that experienced craftsmen create all the work that leaves our workshop. Every member of the team is highly skilled and cares passionately about making high quality furniture.

Assembling a team of quality crafts people with the necessary skills and experience to produce the high-end furniture we create has been challenging but rewarding and we’re thrilled to be supporting traditional crafts people.

As a business we want to make sure traditional skills are learned and retained, but also used to create objects with a contemporary style aesthetic of which the makers and the owners are proud for many years to come

Therefore our innovative mix of modern automated machinery, and traditional hand skills means our craftsmen create the highest quality traditional and contemporary furniture at an unbeatable price point.

Our use of both modern CNC automated machinery linked directly to our design software, alongside traditional skills and methods of production means that Langstaff-Ellis customers have the best of both worlds.

Cabinetry is cut to minute tolerances with incredibly precise cut lines, much more accurately than if it were done by hand, it is then built and finished precisely and with care by our skilled team using traditional methods.

The resulting pieces of furniture, whether they are kitchens, chests, shelves or wardrobes are immaculate and precise with an unrivalled crafted elegance.

Because of the way we work with an integrated design and workshop set-up the Langstaff-Ellis team can create any bespoke design imaginable in a precise and efficient way.

Quality Checks

Every piece of every project is made and quality checked by a crafts person at many stages throughout a project.

We will not allow anything to leave the workshop until it has been quality checked and signed off by the project manager.

And unlike other cabinet makers we assemble and quality check all of our furniture prior to despatch, which means that in the unlikely event there is an issue it is dealt with before it arrives on site. This means that the instillation process is efficient and timely.

Skilled on-site teams

Our installation teams are every bit as experienced and skilled at cabinet making as our workshop team, meaning the installation is completed as perfectly as the manufacture.

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