High-end bespoke furniture for the kitchen and throughout the home.

We are a high-end designer and manufacturer of bespoke furniture for the kitchen and throughout the home.

Our focus on design, build-quality and flawless customer service means clients are assured of a perfect fit every time.

Individually tailored

What excites us is the challenge of developing and building new designs for every customer. Whether it’s a traditional kitchen or a contemporary build we create furniture that is tailored to work beautifully in every space.

We can build perfectly realised luxury kitchens in all kinds of spaces, with experience of everything from old chapels to new builds and award winning luxury homes. Our design and project management team take extreme care to create kitchens that work in every individual space.

Superb build quality

Our commitment to build quality includes the development of a custom 3D design package that integrates seamlessly with our smart factory to produce precision carcasses every time.

The use of 3D design and rendering allows our customers to see just how their kitchen will look in-situ, meaning we can make adjustments to designs and finishes easily before production starts and ensure every customer has the exact bespoke kitchen for their space.

The human touch is also integral to our work; hence the solid wood elements of our cabinetry are produced using traditional methods by our experienced team of craftsmen.

Bespoke kitchen design

Every space is different while customer’s tastes and requirements also differ greatly, therefore every kitchen we create is totally unique to the needs of the customer and the space.

Whether it is traditional, shaker or contemporary there are thousands of variations we can create including cupboard size and shape, methods of closure, door furniture, choice of finishes, choice of colours, work surfaces, lighting, appliances, ventilation and so on.

We guide every customer through the design process to ensure their bespoke kitchen is perfect for them and their space.

Langstaff-Ellis Luxury Cotswold Kitchen

Outstanding customer service

A commitment to outstanding customer service is part of our DNA, so clients are assured of rigorous quality control both in the workshop and during the instillation process.

Our project managers work closely with our luxury kitchen customers whether they are private individuals, developers, designers or architects to ensure every part of the design and build process is seamless.

We keep our customers informed during every step of the process and work with them, their builders and other contractors to ensure their bespoke kitchen is designed, built, delivered and installed on time, every time.

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