Experience & Vision

Our team have wide-ranging experience working with visionary interior design partners, helping to fulfil their creative vision.

We work closely with them to achieve our common goal, to deliver kitchens and furniture that exceed expectations.

The Langstaff-Ellis team relish the challenge of an empty room, a blank canvas that can be filled with amazing furniture. We enjoy working with our interior design partners to fulfil their vision for the space, assisting and guiding them throughout the design stages of a project.

In some cases our interior design partners provide outline designs from which we complete the technical design, while in other cases they provide us with detailed designs that we fulfil.

Whichever method is used, our service is always professional, positive and personable.

We also assist designers with crucial details such the ideal location for electrical sockets, water, waste and ducting so they fit into their overall design while meeting the needs of the room.

Langstaff-Ellis Luxury Cotswold Kitchen DEtail

Flexible & Unique

We relish the opportunity of creating bespoke designs for interesting and beautiful interiors, but we also know just how important it is to work as a flexible partner, committing to:

We welcome approaches from interior designers interested in creating unique interiors for their projects large and small.

Langstaff-Ellis Luxury Shaker Kitchen detailing

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