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From quirky boot rooms to luxury kitchens, there are few design challenges that the Langstaff-Ellis team haven’t met.

Every client is a muse, an inspiration for the design team to create fresh ideas

Consulting, listening, creating

Every Langstaff-Ellis commission begins with a consultation. Our objective is to get to know you, your space and your vision.

Whether the brief is a high-end kitchen or tailoring an entire home to specification, we take the time to immerse ourselves in the space and its quirks before setting our designers to work, and to listen and understand your desires.

And because we have created thousands of pieces in all kinds of spaces, we can inspire you with ideas and suggestions that exceed your dreams.

Uncompromising detail

Our technical design team bridge the gap between vision and reality; they have the experience and know-how to problem solve tough spaces, and work around the impossible.

They also understand what makes furniture last a lifetime – so a precise fit and premium components are built in from the outset. Furniture to be admired is created with uncompromising attention to detail. We won’t create anything less.

Matt Crisp workshop supervisor at Langstaff-Ellia

A craft process, refined with technology

Langstaff-Ellis has fine-tuned the creation of perfectly-fitting bespoke furniture.

Our designers use bespoke software to design in 3D, allowing homeowners to imagine how their unique commission will sit in their space, and make changes and adjustments before any cuts are made. The same specialist software then dovetails seamlessly with CNC automated machinery in the workshop for precision cutting, before being hand-finished in time-honoured fashion by our skilled craftspeople.

Every piece is assembled and quality checked prior to installation – catching any issues before they leave the workshop.

The level of precision and care taken at this stage vastly reduces install time on site – which is always well received by homeowners.

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