Working from home will never feel better

How often have you walked into a work place office and found nothing is in the right place and the furniture is shoddy. In trying to design offices that suit everyone they end up suiting no one.

At home it’s different, you can create the perfect office with the perfect furniture, laid out exactly to suit your needs, a practical, professional space to focus on the job in hand but in the comfort of your own home

As the recent crisis has shown, for many of us working from home is going to become the new normality. Alongside the advent of super-fast broadband and the imminent arrival of 5G networks working from home has become an obvious, attractive option.

A kitchen is not an office

Working from the kitchen table is never ideal, it doesn’t provide the separation between work and home lives many of us want, it’s inconvenient for other family members, prone to interruption (or temptation!) and means having to tidy papers every evening.

However if you have the luxury of a space that can be turned into an office you can design the perfect solution, a practical space that can easily be closed off from the family home at the end of a busy day.

Practical and beautiful

Although a home office needs to be practical, this does not mean it shouldn’t be beautiful.

Every detail of our cabinetry is designed to suit the space and style of the room, from simple contemporary designs to more detailed traditional cabinetry, our designers understand the importance of making furniture which suits the needs of our clients and of the rooms they’re created for.

Office cabinet detail

Design your perfect office space

Much like a kitchen an office should be ergonomic, a place of work where the tools are conveniently placed. We’ve thought about the layout of offices so they work for busy people. Obviously the size and shape of the room is important but Langstaff-Ellis have the design skills to create a bespoke working space in rooms of any shape.

Our home offices are tailored to suit individual needs and can include a variety of bespoke furniture options including hand made desks, storage and filing cabinets, coffee tables, casual chairs, ducting for cables, even drinks and audio-visual cabinets.

Working from home needs to be comfortable, we can’t help you in your work but we can help you feel good doing it.

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