A home for every item

The idea of a space that we can walk into and find all of our clothes hung neatly, where the drawers are at just the right heights and the cupboards are generous is one that many people share – a luxury dressing room is not an indulgence, for many it’s a necessity.

From simple but elegant wardrobes, to fully fitted dressing rooms, our bedroom furniture is designed and made to suit every storage requirement.

Our luxury dressing rooms not only offer practical storage but they are also beautiful spaces to prepare for the day.

Practical luxury designs

Our designs include a place for every garment. Weather you’re hanging office wear, party frocks or shirts our designers seamlessly integrate it all – including of course a home for your shoes and bags.

We unlock the potential of every space, utilizing every centimetre of a room to maximise storage possibilities. Tight spaces, angles and difficult spaces are filled with perfectly fitting, beautiful furniture.

Integrated elegance

It may be single wardrobes or a complete tailored room, but everything we design and build integrates your style and needs elegantly throughout the space. For many the dressing room is a natural addition to the master bedroom flowing seamlessly one to the next.

To complete the room we’ll consider exactly how you’re going to use it, the most effective positioning of all the elements and exactly which accessories will be needed in the room.

Of course it’s not just the build quality of the furniture that is important it’s the small touches that so often make a difference. Integrated lighting, ironmongery, soft close drawers, pull-down hanging rails, size and positioning of mirrors, dressing tables and even chairs can all be specified exactly to suit you.

Luxury bespoke wardrobes

Dress in style

Every project is designed and built from scratch; we don’t have pre-defined ranges but create new designs perfectly suited to your needs every time.

From traditional furniture, to modern and contemporary, whatever your style our furniture will exceed all expectations.

Start your day as you mean to go on by dressing in style from the luxury of your own elegant, bespoke Langstaff-Ellis dressing room.

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