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We’re proud to accept briefs from architects, interior designers and developers, as well as inspired homeowners, covering everything from prestige kitchens to whole-home commissions.

Developers, architects and designers often have a fully realised vision for the interior as well as the exterior of their spaces. Finding a high quality, flexible and adaptable partner to realise that vision can be difficult – that’s why many turn to Langstaff-Ellis.

We are a uniquely flexible partner to interior designers and architects

We relish the opportunity of creating bespoke designs for striking and stylish interiors, but we also recognise how important it is to work as a flexible partner, committing to:

• Appoint a project manager who will be the single point of contact throughout the project
• Work closely to achieve the mutual goals for both parties
• An adaptable approach that can accommodate changes as the project progresses
• A flexible approach to be onsite when needed
• Work directly with the client or their builder should the need arise
• A confidential and respectful working ethos
• Working from a strict brief or providing inspiration of our own based our experience
• Full sign-off prior to build
• Complete management, quality checks and sign-off of furniture installation

We are a trusted partner to prestige developers

Trusted to deliver on multi-million pound properties, our approach when working with property developers is always flexible. Most building projects have external pressures affecting multiple elements including the schedule; we remain flexible and positive throughout.

• Creative designs on all kinds of prestige properties, historic and contemporary
• Designs that hit the budget in nearly all situations
• Technically advanced workshops allowing us to keep up with the largest orders, and deliver on time
• Working in a range of styles including traditional, contemporary, classical and modern
• Furniture for every room – kitchens, dressing rooms, wardrobes, utility rooms, boot rooms, home bars, bathroom cabinetry and wine rooms

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