Whether you live in the countryside or the town, everyone needs a place for coats, boots and shoes.

Many homes have the space but owners or designers haven’t thought through the options or the practicalities of how people actually live. Any one with kids will know that coats and shoes get abandoned where they’re dropped, making for wet, muddy floors in winter.

A boot room is an ideal solution; a place where everyone knows they can leave their outdoor clothing and shoes, where coats can be hung on pegs and shoes live on racks, without walking mud into the rest of the house.

Practical elegant storage

Boot rooms don’t need to be huge to be practical. Our boot room furniture includes places to store your outdoor kit, along with places to sit and tie your shoes, store your umbrellas or leave your wellington boots.

A boot room really comes into its own during the wetter months of the year, when it makes the perfect all weather entrance to the home.

Luxury bespoke boot room in the Cotswolds | Langstaff-Ellis

If you’ve taken the dog for a walk, or the kids have been playing in the garden, the boot room is the best place to leave your wet and mucky clothes when you come into the home.

Langstaff-Ellis bespoke boot rooms can continue the aesthetic of your kitchen and incorporate tall cupboards and under-seat storage to hide away all those items you don’t use on a daily basis.

They also make excellent dog rooms for those who love their four-legged friends.

We also recommend that consideration is given to lighting design, wall colours and the flooring in the boot room. A hardwearing, robust stone floor that can withstand the impact of continual use come rain or shine is ideal.

Luxury bespoke boot room in the Cotswolds | Langstaff-Ellis

Designed for your needs

Every project is designed and built from scratch; we don’t have pre-defined ranges but create new designs perfectly suited to your needs every time.

The Langstaff-Ellis team can design the perfect boot room that is a pleasure to walk into no matter how wet and muddy it is outside. And because all our cabinetry is tailor made for each home you can be guaranteed to have a unique room tailored specifically for your needs.

Bespoke boot room design Oxfordshire | High-end contemporary bespoke kitchen

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