Cabinets for the modern home

Home entertainment has changed beyond recognition in the 21st century. The rooms where we watch television have to double as home cinemas, music rooms and gaming centres and, even with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth the potential for an unsightly tangle of cables is enormous.

At the same time televisions have become sleeker but have grown in size and are accompanied by sound bars and various streaming units. Speaker systems on the other hand have become smaller with better quality sound reproduction and multiple options for location around the home.

The need therefore for beautifully designed furniture to house this range of equipment elegantly and discreetly has grown. We recognise that the entertainment room, whether it’s a lounge or dedicated space should be as well designed as every other room in the home.

Bespoke audio visual furniture

This is why Langstaff-Ellis design and build bespoke functional but beautiful storage solutions for all your audio-visual equipment. We take the time to understand your needs and how you will use each room, the type and size of equipment you’ll be using and exactly how you’d like the furniture to function.

We’re proud that no two projects are the same but each bespoke cabinet works perfectly to fulfil the needs of every Langstaff-Ellis customer. Some homes require very simple functional designs while others combine extensive storage, bookcases, and even drinks cabinets.

Our designers ensure every piece of equipment is integrated into our furniture so the end result is a luxury addition to the home that reduces clutter, hides cables and works beautifully in your space.

Solutions for every option

It’s not just traditional audio visual equipment we can find a solution for, some customers have large collections of vinyl or musical instruments – guitars for example – that need a home which is functional, practical and refined.

We design and build every piece of Langstaff-Ellis furniture as a result of listening to your needs, offering suggestions based on our experience and knowledge of what works and presenting a variety of solutions including materials, colours and finishes.

With our bespoke 3D design software we can show you how the finished piece will look in your home and make adjustments before it is signed off ready to be created by our team of craftsmen.

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